The Embarrassingly Simple Way I Grabbed a #1 Google Ranking

Product picture The Embarrassingly Simple Way I Grabbed a #1 Google Ranking

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From: Mark Idzik
Friday, 10:14 am

OK, I admit it.

I wasnt trying to get a top search engine position. Truth is, I just wanted to sell more of my new software, Affiliate Profit Guard. So I created several affiliate link pages of my own to demonstrate how it worked.

What happened next shocked me.

Let me explain.

Common Problem, Hidden Reward

Several months back I noticed that my affiliate commission checks were starting to dip. After poking around, I realized that some of my links were being hijacked. People were chopping off the affiliate code in my links and sometimes even replacing it with their own!

And it wasnt just happening to me. Several of my friends and well known Internet marketers had also discovered that upwards of 30 of their affiliate commissions were being stolen too!

Based on my programming background, I figured out a way to protect my affiliate links and my commissions started going back up. Then I packaged the solution as an easy to use software application called Affiliate Profit Guard.

A Search Engine Miracle?

Remember those sample affiliate link pages that I created to demonstrate Affiliate Profit Guard? Something amazing happened:

My link pages jumped to the #1 spot at Google, Yahoo and AOL in less than three weeks! Im still in shock.

Naturally skeptical, I checked it again: #1!

Then I checked another affiliate link: #2 and #3 -- in all three search engines!

Thats what this powerful little ebook is all about.

Highly Targeted Traffic -- Free!

Inside the Embarrassingly Simple Way, youll discover exactly what I did, step-by-step, nothing is left out.

Just peek over my shoulder and start grabbing your own top positions ... without spending a dime on pay-per-clicks or search engine optimization. Its simple and takes just 10 minutes to complete.

How Much?

Its worth at least the $299 it costs to get listed in Yahoo! But order now, and this Embarrassingly Simple Way is yours for only $17.00.

Think about it: Every day people search the popular affiliate programs. And when they do, your money making affiliate link is right there at the top of the list (sometimes, ahead of the owners own page!). Just 2 to 3 extra commissions a month, and my new ebook is the best investment youve made all year.
A Completely Honest Disclaimer:

Theres no trick here. This is a legitimate technique that ethically leverages current search engine rules. But, I have no idea how long this will work. As with any new technique, theres usually a life span of anywhere between 3 to 9 months. But with all the great bonuses Im giving you, you should make 10 times the price back in no time at all.

Order Now and Get These Bonuses

* Free Resell Rights! Just one sale and this report pays for itself. And you keep 100 of every sale you make forever! Included is this entire web site and images.

My only restrictions are:
1. You DO NOT change anything in the report
2. You DO NOT sell customized versions of the report
3. You DO NOT use SPAM, UCE or any other illegal or unethical means of promotion.

Other than that, you may feel free to do anything youd like with this report! (within reason of course) I reserve the right to pull this bonus at any time. If you wait, youll be dissappointed. Order and claim your resell rights now.

* Free Mini Site Brander! Just type in your Clickbank information along with your name, and the web site and thank you page are automatically generated. No HTML editing, just type and save to your hard drive, and upload to your server. Youre ready to sell!

* Free Lifetime Updates! Youll receive a free subscription to an insider newsletter so I can alert you to new ideas for improving your affilliate commissions.



Read The Embarrassingly Simple Way. If its not everything that you had hoped for and you are not completely satisfied, send it back within 90 days for a complete, no hassle refund of every penny of your money -- no questions asked.

Thats more than a guarantee, thats a promise.

The time to order is now. Just click the button below. We use ClickBank for secure online ordering and youll have instant access to download your report.

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