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Dear Webmaster,

Please excuse my audacity, but Im willing to bet that your solo ads can be a whole lot more profitable than they are right now.

It would mean a lot to me if you could close your office door to avoid interruptions for the next 10 minutes so that I may have the opportunity to tell you about an exciting new software product to hit the Market....

Have you ever wondered how some webmasters just seem to have the knack for writing killer eMail ads? Well if youve ever wished for better ad copy and a Cheap way to obtain it, then youll be interested in this hot new software tool package!

So how are your solo ads looking? Are they producing results? Look Lets face it, the solo ad is the most responsive form of eMail advertising you could employ....but only if they are formulated correctly. There is a science to the formulation of profit pulling solo ads. There is a sequence that you must follow to get it right. Many webmasters have no idea how to formulate profitable solos - which is why they get poor results...do you know how to put them together successfully?

In addition to knowing how to craft a profitable solo ad, you also need to know the power words that the hottest writers have known and used for years. These power words are the words that create excitement, curiosity, and the sense of want with your prospects.

Introducing eWhiz Ad Creator V. 1 ...

Ewhiz Ad Creator V.1 is a software tool that was designed to run on Windows machines and will walk you through the steps of creating profit pulling eMail ads. I realize that most webmasters have no clue how to formulate their ads. They merely write an ad and hope for the best. This is precisely why I have created this new software tool. Chances are, that if you are reading this sales letter, you are atleast somewhat interested in creating successful eMail advertising campaigns.. so please keep reading to find out all of the exciting details and what eWhiz Ad Creator can do for you...

I created this product for my own personal use because I needed a way to make uniform profitable eMail ads for all of my digital products. Since it has helped me to not only make money, but save money.. I decided to package it up and offer it to my clients and subscribers so that they too can enjoy the benefits - so that is what I have done!

What would you say if I told you that today, you could start using eWhiz Ad Creator and.....

* Avoid the expense of hiring a copywriter.

* Create Your Ads in minutes.

* Learn power words, power headlines, and power statements that command attention.

* Generate headlines like the pros.

* Generate Pre-Made Solo ad templates to use that have been proven to produce profits.

* and so much more!

With your purchase of eWhiz Ad Creator V.1 today you will be able to gain the inside advantage over the competition by creating uniform,attention-grabbing, and profitable eMail ads! You can improve your sales starting with the very 1st ad that you create! Or, if you are an eZine publisher or advertiser you can improve your clients click through and sales rates by offering them FREE powerful ad creation!

Advertising Agencies, heres a tip: Give this software package away to clients who order advertising from you. Not only will you increase the value of your services, but your clients will be able to create powerful ads, maximizing their return and increasing your bottom line!

So heres exactly what eWhiz Ad Creator V.1 Will Do....

* Explain step-by-step the elements of a profit pulling solo ad.
* Asks you for every element of your product or service and wraps it all together in the exact formula that the hottest copywriters use!
* Allows you to save your generated ads in 3 ways: As a text file, copies to your clipboard, or allows you to print them out on paper!
* Gives you working examples of each element required for a profit pulling ad.
* Even generates pre-made sample solo ads that have been proven to pull results!
* All of this in an Easy to use software environment!

If youve ever searched for an easier way to create your eMail campaigns....today is your lucky day! But Wait...It Gets Even Better Because Im throwing in a BONUS Software Tool Called ROI Forecaster That Will help you save even more cash...

The ROI Forecaster Tool will allow you to forecast your expected return for any given ad campaign! As a busy webmaster, you do not need to spend your time and money on wasted returns. You need to be able to forecast your return on investment before you place an ad order AND see clear results when the ad campaign is over. If the ad campaign did not do well, you should move on to other venues of promotion.

Screenshot of ROI Forecaster V.1

In addition to giving you a tool that will help you make profitable eMail ads , I want to give you something that will make you money starting TOMORROW.....So heres some EXTRA bonuses that go along with eWhiz Ad Creator V.1

Bonus #1 - MASTER RESELL RIGHTS -Value of $200.00

Master Resell Rights Package -
With the Master resell rights package you get :

* The Pre-Made Sales Letter & Graphics
* The Rights To Sell The Software And Keep All The Cash PLUS pass the same rights on to your clients!

Bonus #2 - ROI AD FORECASTER SOFTWARE- Value of $29.00

Also included in the package is the ROI Forecaster software tool with master resell rights! With this piece of software youll be able to forecast your return for any ad campaign that you purchase!

Bonus #3 - HEADLINE CREATOR SOFTWARE- Value of $29.00

Also included in the package is the popular Headline Creator software tool that will allow you to generate powerful headlines in under 3 minutes!

Bonus #4 - EZY AD FORMATTER- Value of $29.00

Also included in the package is the popular eZine ad formatting software tool that will allow you to format your newly created ads to the specifications of the marketers you order advertising from!

Bonus #5 - POWER STATEMENTS MINI GUIDE- Value of $49.00

Also included in the package is a mini guide that contains all of the powerful headlines, statements, PSSs , guarantees and benefit statements that youll need to make knock-out eMail ads!
Okay, So Now I Bet Your Next Question is,
Whats All This Going To Cost Me?

Instead of thinking cost, you should consider investment. Imagine how much creating your own profitable eMail ads would mean to your bottom line? Imagine becoming successful on the Internet and gaining respect! This package is valued at $489.00 with bonuses.

But, Im not going to charge you $400 or $200 or even $100, seemingly the going rate for this type of package (which doesnt even give you a quarter of the features and value that Ive assembled for you)!

During this special RELEASE SALE, your entire investment is only $29.00!! For this unbelievable price, youre going to get..

* The eWhiz Ad Creator Software Tool
* ROI Forecaster Software Tool
* Master Resell Rights To Both EBA Software Tools
* Headline Creator Software Tool
* Ezy Ad Formatter Software Tool
* Power Statements, Mini Guide

Plus, Im going to throw in a lot of special bonuses if you decide to order today In fact, Youll get $489.00 in free bonuses!
I have chosen the pricing structure because I know and understand the limited budgets most online webmasters are working with. I am simply asking a price to cover my development time! People call me crazy because I am not charging you what I have spent for it! As I said earlier, most software resellers are greedy and require you to purchase the product at an outrageous price PLUS pay an extra price for MASTER resell rights. Not here! For one low fee you get this entire package AND you can turn around and make your money back with just one sale!

Remember, this new software bundle was just released TODAY - Get your copy NOW before your competition and make 100% of each and every sale you generate!

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